A rolled filet of sole stuffed with seasoned shrimp on a bed of creamed spinach. It is wrapped in a puff pastry shaped like a fish.
Seafood Valerie
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Eli Apteker, when he was an employee of Ferdinand’s restaurant in Harvard Square Cambridge, MA (later Master Chef and Owner of the Veronique Restaurant), specially created this dish for Valerie Harper of the Rhoda TV series in celebration of her winning the Hasty Pudding Award in 1975. She visited the restaurant, ate the dish, and signed the menu!

Photo by Ned Daly, used by permission

Article from The Boston Globe

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The search engine seems to know almost everything, but it doesn’t know about Seafood Valerie - until now. ~ Boston Globe


Veronique Restaurant Inside the Veronique Restaurant Blue Parrot Ferdinand's Logo Old Veronique Logo Valerie Harper Autograph Coolidge Corner Today

1. Street shot Veronique Restaurant Coolidge Corner Brookline, MA 1977
2. Inside Veronique Restaurant 1986 Coolidge Corner Brookline, MA
3. Here is a picture of The Blue Parrot 1973. This was the original site for Ferdinand's . The owner's created the French restaurant and the Ha'Penny Pub named after their dogs. Source of picture-Harvard Square An Illustrated History Since 1950 by Mo Lotman. Picture-Cambridge Historical Commission.
4. Ferdinand's matches logo Source of picture-Harvard Square An Illustrated History Since 1950 by Mo Lotman
5. Old Veronique Logo
6. Valerie Harper Autograph
7. Coolidge Corner Today